Omg finally a normal sized person on tumblr

shes actually so beautiful omg

so glad this has so many notes on it. It’s better than seeing a stick thin girl who apparently has a ‘perfect’ body posted all over my dashboard. 

She’s beautiful!

okay but actually i fucking hate this. not because of the picture, there’s no dispute that she’s gorgeous. no, what i’m talking about is the comments. they make me so fucking angry every time. firstly, there is no such thing as a “normal sized” person. everyone is a different size and saying that any body type is better or prettier than another is just as bad as fat shaming. also, you don’t know how that “stick thin girl who apparently has a ‘perfect’ body” feels about her body. whether she’s comfortable with how she looks or is really insecure, you’re still an asshole for saying she isn’t beautiful. instead of glorifying one body type over another (no matter if that’s skinny or curvy or chunky or whatever), we should be appreciating all body types because everyone’s different. the secret to having a “perfect” body is to be happy and comfortable with who you are. humans come in all shapes and sizes. 

thank you omfg i see posts about guys who shame girls with thigh gaps and then girls who dont have thigh gaps are like finally normal girls who are healthy, and people i know when they see a stick skinny girl they alway say go eat a burger. um exuse you i have naturally stick skinny friends and i myself  have a thigh gap cause i have to bike to school everyday (healthy not starving i eat A LOT) and i naturally have skinny legs an hourglass figure and a fast metabolism due to my mom its just another body type its not better than this girl or worse just different and that 100% okay for both body types.  
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